The UK Manufacturing Accelerator

The UK Manufacturing Accelerator is rapidly establishing itself as the leading focus for the support and funding of manufacturing in the UK.

Our activities span the commercialisation of IP, through to driving further growth within already substantial SME manufacturers.

We believe that the UK has as astonishing depth of industrial assets – both emergent and established – but that appropriate support and funding is often lacking.

Too much potential lies under-exploited within IP which is not subjected to vigorous commercial development. Too many promising smaller manufacturers stall just at the point they should be powering forwards.

Too much corporate finance advice to larger manufacturers concentrates on ownership transactions to the detriment of considering growth options.

The UK Manufacturing Accelerator brings together a core team of successful manufacturers and seasoned corporate finance experts.Our extensive advisory network includes additional experts within particular industrial sectors, including advanced materials, polymers, textiles, electronics, cleantech and nanotech.

If you are seeking to bring exciting IP alive, or searching for a breakthrough to bigger and better things with an existing manufacturing venture, we are the people you must talk to.